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Nexus 7 upgrade


Recently I bought my wife an Asus Memo Pad (ME572C-A1-BK) to replace her Nexus 7 2012. It has the same screen size and could run lollipop 5.1.1 more smoothly.

I spent lots time and tried to figure out how to transfer App data and saved games from Nexus 7 to Memo Pad 7. Here are things I tried.

1. Backup to google account is checked on Nexus 7 under settings > Backup & restore. It automatically syncs those from google account to Memo Pad when she log in to google account on Memo Pad.

2. Tried Wondershare MobileTrans. It could transfer contacts, messages, calendar, photo, music, videos and Apps. Installed applications on Nexus 7 are transferred to Memo Pad 7. However, it didn’t transfer App data and saved games.

3. My wife’s Nexus 7 isn’t rooted and only software I could find to support transfer App data and saved games in non-root is Helium. With Helium, I could back up App data and saved games but I can’t restore to Memo Pad 7. It always hang when I was doing restore on Memo Pad 7. According to Helium Wiki, Memo Pad 7 is a unsupported and problematic device so I am out of luck.

4. Since non-root isn’t working for transfer App data and saved games, I went ahead to root Nexus 7. I installed Wug’s Nexus Root Toolkit v2.0.5.
(1) Initial Setup – Full Driver Installation Guide – Automatic + Manual
(2) Backup – Backup All App’s
(3) Unlock Bootloader
(4) Root – I unchecked “Custom Recovery”.
(5) Restore the backup I did on step (2) but for some reason, I don’t see all installed applications were restored.

5. Nexus 7 is rooted. I used My Bakup PRO to backup data. You could use any other backup and restore program that requires root. i.e. Titanium Backup PRO. I like the migrate feature that My Backup Pro has. It allows you to move any and all support content directly from one Device to another over WiFi. I am able to transfer backup from Nexus 7 to Memo Pad 7. However, it actually didn’t restore because Memo Pad 7 isn’t root.

Since I already rooted Nexus 7, I install custom ROM Chroma to make Nexus 7 still usable.
1. Launch Wug’s Nexus Root Toolkit v2.0.5
2. Launch Advanced Utilities > Fastboot Flash > Recovery
4. Flash recovery to twrp- TWRP grouper (Nexus 7 2012 WiFi) recovery
5. Download Chroma ROM, Banks Gapps, SuperSU, Franco Kernal r82 that supports F2FS and put them on the Nexus 7’s internal storage.
6. Boot to TWRP recovery, Wipe > Advanced Wipe > Repair or Change File System for /cache to F2FS.
7. In TWRP recovery, Wipe > factory reset to make it clean.
8. Flash ROM, GApps, SuperSU and Kernal
9. Reboot and enjoy.
10. Install Trimmer (fstrim) from google play store and schedule trim twice per day. TRIM is include for Android 4.3+. I installed the app and want it to run more frequently to improve performance.

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