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How to send an Interac e-Transfer


I needed to transfer some money from my Royal bank account to my TD account. Normally I just went to TD bank and deposited a cheque from my Royal bank account. I realized I didn’t order new cheques after my address has changed. I log in to Royal bank online banking and found out it costs close to $60 (include shipping, handling and HST) for quantity of 100. Each cheque cost me 60 cents and I need to go to bank or ATM machine to deposit it. There must be other way to do this.
I tried out Interac e-Transfer from Online Banking. Here are the instructions:

1. Register to use Interac e-Transfer service in TD online banking.
(1) Login to EasyWeb
(2) Click on “Payments & Transfers” at the top of the page
(3) Click on “Interac e-Transfer” on the left-handed side of the page.
(4) Read the information displayed on the next page
(5) Click the ‘Register Now!’ link at the bottom of the page.

2. Send Interac e-Transfer in Royal Bank online banking
(1) Login to Royal bank online banking
(2) Select “Pay Bills and Transfer Funds”;
(3) Enter the amount, the account you would like to pay from, and in the “To:” drop-down list, select “Interac e-Transfer”;
(4) You will be asked to:
a. Provide the name and email address or mobile number of the recipient;
b. Provide a security question-and-answer that only the recipient will be able to answer (You will want to agree on a question with the recipient in advance);
c. You can choose to save this recipient in your Payee list to send another e-Transfer at a later time
(5) Upon confirmation, an email or text message notification will be automatically sent to the recipient with instructions to retrieve the funds.
The maximum amount you can send through an Interac e-Transfer is based on your client card daily access limit.
There could be a service charge depending on your account.

Account Type Free Interac e-Transfers Per Month
RBC VIP Banking Unlimited Free e-Transfers
RBC Signature No Limit Banking 15
RBC No Limit Banking 10
RBC No Limit Banking for Students 10
RBC Student Banking 5

All other e-Transfers from Personal Deposit Accounts cost $1.

3. Receive Interac e-Transfer in TD Bank
(1) After half an hour, an email is received with a deposit URL.
(2) Click on the deposit URL
(3) Click on TD bank icon
(4) Login to EasyWeb
(5) Interac e-Transfer Receive money page is launched.
(6) Answer the security question and select bank account
(7) Money is deposited into the account. In a few minutes, “transfer completed” email is received in Royal bank account email.

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